Leonid Tikhomirov: born Moscow, July 16 1925
Merited Artist of Russia, member of the Moscow Union of Artists since 1953.
1943-1946, service in the Soviet Army. 1946-1952, studied at the Faculty of Arts of the Gerasimov All-Union Institute of Cinematography (VGIK).
Studied under artists such as Grigory Shegal, Yury Pimenov and Konstantin Morozov. In his landscapes, the artist turns to the best traditions of Russian realism. His paintings can be found in many Russian museums, in private collection abroad, and in the collections of more than 40 international political leaders, who received the paintings as a gift from the Soviet and Russian governments. His solo shows have drawn large crowds in Moscow, Tokyo, Sapporo, Paris, London, Oman, Berlin, Bratislava, Cyprus, Neumünster and Malta.

Leonid Tikhomirov died on September 17 2016, after a long illness. He was buried at the Ilyinskoe cemetery in Ilyinskoe Village, in the Krasnogorsky District just outside Moscow.




Olga Tikhomirova: born Moscow, 9 April 1937

Merited Artist of the Russian Federation, full member of the International Academy of Creative Endeavors. Studied at a music school, then studied painting under the artists Konstantin Yuon and Boris Lange.
A participant in All-Union, international and Moscow art exhibitions since 1956. Her solo shows have been held in Tokyo, Paris, London, Oman, Cyprus, Neumünster, Bratislava, Berlin and elsewhere. Member of the Union of Artists since 1963.

The artist’s paintings can be found in many Russian museums and in collections abroad.