Portrait of Galina Ulanova — Exhibition of One Exhibit

November 30, 2017 saw the opening of an exhibition of one exhibit in the museum-apartment of Galina Ulanova featuring a portrait of the great ballerina Galina Ulanova by Leonid and Olga Tikhomirov. 

The artists have been working on this portrait for seven years, during the work they created a lot of sketches, read a lot of books about ballet and watched a large number of performances at the Bolshoi Theater. When asked, why they decided to paint Galina Ulanova’s portrait, Leonid Tikhomirov always replied: "Why did we decide to paint it? How could we not have painted the brilliant ballerina, our contemporary? It would have been the same as not capturing for future generations an image of Chaliapin or Yermolova, were they alive today.".

The portrait is created in smooth pastel colours, with aspiration for simplicity and at the same time for discipline and elegance that were characteristic of the great ballerina.