Author: Leonid and Olga Tikhomirovy

"Anastasia Stepanovna", 1969-1972

163х112cm. Located in the British private collection

Oil on canvas

And so here she is sitting, Anastasia Stepanovna, a Russian woman, a peasant woman, one with the soil, one with the homeland. Judging by the photos displayed on the walls, she did have a husband and she did have sons. How many? We cannot tell. Yet we reckon there must have been three to five of them, considering the usual size of an average peasant family before the war.There is also, you see, on the wall over there, a picture of a little dove, the symbol of campaigning for peace; and there, again, a tear-off calendar with nothing left to tear-off. And with her only a small grandson, his head full of fair hair, who seems to be looking into the distance, whereas in fact he is looking into himself. Of course he is not yet the age of a soldier, but the last sprig as it were, the last shoot off this hard-worn knobbly tree trunk that has stopped growing. Anastasia Stepanovna’s face is calm,her conscience clear, but at what cost?
Vladimir Soloukhin, 1978

Solo exhibition in Moscow, 1978

Roy Miles Gallery exhibition, London, 1988

International Academy of Creative Art, 2007