Author: Leonid and Olga Tikhomirovy

"In the Name of Humanity", 1968-1971


Oil on canvas
The art of Leonid and Olga Tikhomirov represents a great artistic achievement and an important contribution to the art of Socialist Realism. It is particularly evident in the large-scale painting In the Name of Humanity The artists depicted the first cosmonauts Yury Gagarin and Vladimir Komarov with the outstanding Soviet scientist Sergei Korolev. The contemporary subject of conquering space is treated with great artistic generalization. While the composition is skillfully built and details carefuly chosen, the main focus is on interpreting the images of these space heroes. Their appearance speaks of pioneering determination and the ability to attain the highest goals. The painting is an affirmation of the contemporary moral ideal, of the greatness of achievements demonstrated by the people of our time. (From the annotation to the works by the artists nominated for the Ilya Repin award in 1978).The last painting by the Tikhomirovs: In the Name of Humanity. This work, which occupied the artists for many years, is a hymn in honour of the space pioneers, upholding contemporary moral ideals and the greatness of achievements demonstrated by the people of our time. The painting is both austere and symbolic. The distinguished Soviet scientist Sergei Korolev is drawing back a curtain, opening the window on the boundless and unknown world of outer space. The central figure of the canvas is Yury Gagarin holding the Soviet Union ensign. The image of the third character, Vladimir Komarov, is impressive and profound. /press/calendar-1972/The painting was first shown at the All-Union art exhibition “Moscow Artists to Vladimir Lenin” in 1970 at the Manege.Solo exhibition in Moscow, 1978 /exhibitions/moscow-1978/Exhibition “Moscow Creative Unions Mark the 21st Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union”, All-Union exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Komsomol,Article in Russian Space Magazine №7, July 2014 /press/russian-space-n-7-july-2014/

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