Author: Leonid and Olga Tikhomirovy

"Portrait of Fyodor Tokarev with an Assistant", 1958


The artist Leonid Tikhomirov and Fyodor Tokarev met by chance, but as you and I know, everything happens for a reason. One day in the mid-1950s Leonid Petrovich was standing on the bridge making sketches of the Kremlin for his future painting. At that very time Fyodor Vasilievich was on his way from the Kremlin after a meeting. He noticed Leonid Petrovich at work and approached him, starting a conversation. Fyodor Vasilievich offered his help in making panoramic photographs of the Kremlin - A design engineer, he was also a keen photographer and at that moment had with him a camera that was, it turned out later, one he had designed himself. From that moment onwards they were regularly in touch, visiting each other’s studios.

All-Russian Art Exhibition dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War
Mentioned in the Pamyat o Pobede (Remembering the Victory) Magazine, 2010
Oil on canvas

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